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olim memories

so i think this only was in olim for me.

at night, when it was clear, but about to rain, on the hill. if you hung out with the od's you could look out over the mountains and watch the thunderstorms and the lightning strike across the whole sky. and then you could watch the storm slowly come closer to you, until the last second, when you had a choice, usually decided by the od's of whether to stay and get soaked, or go back to your bunk, where you were actually supposed to be. i think about that ever time it rains, and look forward to being a counselor there next year, just so i can sit on the hill (guys side) and do that.

1st session olim, it was ridiculous, and we never emptied our trash. actually, at one point, we just got another trash can, because we were too lazy to empty either of them, and we generally just threw garbage at the can, not in it. so we had a bunk party about 2 weeks in, and we piled 3 trunks on top of each other, and blocked the door with them, so we could put the tv that we had stolen from kkc basement on top of it for prime viewing. it was high quality. however, it was also the same night, our counselor, owen habas, which is just a joke in general, got very sick that night, and needed to be taken out of the bunk. which at this point, was only available through the back door, which lead directly downhill, and was not the best of choices anyway. so doug comes in, because of the emergency, and the first thing he says to us, is "this place is a shit-hole." good times, and we never cleaned it up, with exception of banquet.
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